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AUGUST 30, 2020

Welcome to the QCL online appointment system! This appointment system can be used for one-on-one and small group mentoring. To get started, please log in to the system.

No account? No problem! Register for a free account by clicking the “First visit? Register for an account” link to the left. The system will ask you for some basic information. Please be sure to fill this information out accurately and thoroughly. Your information will not be shared.

Scheduling an Appointment:

(1) Once logged in, click "Limit to:" selection bar to choose the course or tool you would like to get help on

(2) Click on a white block for the time and mentor you would like to reserve. You will be asked to fill in the course, the instructor's name, and a explanation for what you would like to work on. Be specific to explain the issues, problems, and topics you want to discuss with the mentor.

(3) Once you have done this, click "Save Appointment.” Once your appointment has been entered the corresponding white block will turn gold.

(4) IMPORTANT: Please only book appointments 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session. Mentors are instructed to cancel the appointment otherwise. Mentors are students too, so last minute bookings can complicate their academic schedules and success. Thank you for your understanding!

(5) COVID-19 POLICY: Due to the necessary safety precautions of social distancing, all one-on-one sessions are held via online video conferencing on this site. This can be accessed by clicking on the appointment block at the time of the session and selecting the "Start or Join Online Consultation" link. Please note that the posted schedule is according to Pacific Standard Time.